UKB Training System

Over the past 20 years, it has been evident that women have the drive and motivation to see great results from kickboxing workouts

The Training System has been developed since 1994 and is consistently fine tuned to provide the best results

Designed for women the classes consist of warm ups, stretching, calisthenics, kickboxing techniques, conditioning, and much more

Every class incorporates movements challenging you to push your limits and avoid hitting plateaus to keep giving you results!


The UKB Training System targets your entire body each class.

Body rotation and using your legs to generate power are some of the key fundamental movements that you’ll use in the kickboxing classes. Ensuring you have a full body workout while engaging your core

We teach women of all skill levels and will show you how to perform each technique properly and safely

You’ll be shedding those pounds, getting in shape, boosting your confidence, learning self-defense, and having fun while working out!

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